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Culture, People and Offices

ISCTE Business School 14 Março, 2017 14:45 - 15:00

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Sofia Reis
Luís Simões

People Growth

Personal development is key for an evolving and sustainable organisation.

We connect with people every day in our busy and incredible lives, and those interactions are also paramount in our workplace.
We spend much of our waking hours working and we believe in making that experience as meaningful as we want it to be, through positive and engaging relationships.

Office Design

Your work space, adapts and shapes the culture you want to bring out.

The environment provides us great information that can shape the way we behave every day. If we can change the world around us to create a positive impact in us, How would we want to shape our work environments?

Culture Shifts

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Organisational culture is the system that brings everything together and defines how we behave in the workplace, which values we prioritise, how decisions are made, how communications flow and all that happens inside (and outside) the company.

If we want to be intentional in the way our organisational culture evolves, there are key steps we can embark on, to: first understand where our company is and define our common purpose; and then to take small and big actions that can lead us to where we want to be.